The 7 Things About Acne That No One Tells You

Acne can be a pain especially when it is clinging on to you for years. You might have tried all the products available for acne but it either gets better for a while and it comes back or it gets worst. Have you ever wonder why? 

Most Asian like me tends to avoid going to dermatologist for help. Instead, we turn to beauty salon for a solution. For someone who is suffering from acne problem, I am afraid beauty salon may not be your best solution. I have learned a lot through my journey fighting for clear skin. I would like to share some with you out there and I hope it helps. 

1.    Stop Using Products Meant For Oily Skin
I am sorry to break this to you but more often than not, those products will make your acne condition worst. Lets get back to the basic, what caused acne? It is most likely oily skin. If oily skin causes acne, using oil controlled products that dries out your skin to prevent production of oil shouldn’t be wrong. Well, but have you ever wonder what causes your skin to produce oil? The answer is Dry Skin.
Instead of using acne products, I suggest try using hydrating products. Moisturizing products contain oil but hydrating products don’t. Your skin needs to remain hydrated in order to avoid producing oil which causes acne. Try Cetaphil (Gentle clean cleanser, DO NOT use the one for oily skin) as your facial wash. My bet is 9 of out 10 dermatologist will recommend Cetaphil because it won’t dry out your skin.

2.    Stay Away From Shellfish And Seaweed
Most people with acne problem are allergy to shellfish (prawn, clam, crab) and they tend to avoid having it. The excessive consumption of these foods usually causes acne breakouts. Again, why? I don’t usually call that an allergy because it is not. It is purely due to the high amount of iodine contains in shellfish. Iodine is often associated with acne breakout because high amount of iodine in your body can inflame your skin and clog your pores. So does seaweed which has a very high level of iodine. So yes, avoid it.

3.    Leave The Cow Milk For Calf
Taken aback for this fact? Cow milk is natural isn’t it? We often have the impression of food and products labeled with ‘natural’ as good products. Yes, cow milk is natural but it is not natural for human, it is for calf. Opps!
Cow milk contains high amount of hormone and one of which is called the IGF-1. Lets not get technical here, we all know one of the main reason causing acne in teens are hormone imbalance. Can you imagine drinking up all the hormones from your favourite fresh milk? Getting back to IGF-1, it is a kind of hormone for calf to grow but if we consume it, we are also taking in the hormone in our body and that causes excessive hormones in us and resulting in the outbreak of acne.

4.    Stay Away From Sugar
Avoid refined sugar to be specific. Your natural sugar, brown sugar intake is totally fine. Refined sugar can easily raise your blood sugar (duh!) and your hormone level will go haywire and ultimately, inflame your skin.

5.    Stop Popping The Pimples Yourself
How many of you are a huge fan of Dr Pimple Popper? Hands up! Okay look, the ugly truth about this is, you are not a dermatologist. Popping your pimple unprofessionally will damage your skin tissue and will leave behind ugly scars or even worse, it might lead to infection.

6.    Cut Down On Visits To Beauty Salon
I am not discouraging anyone from visiting the beauty salon, but if you have crystal clear normal skin, a visit once a month would be good to clear out all the crazy stuff that clog up your pores, especially if you put on makeup on a daily basis. However for acne babies, I suggest that you have your facial treatment done once every 3 month. What’s going to happen is your sweet beautician will tell you to have your facial done every 2 weeks and try on crazy amount of treatments that in my experience, never work. Reason being, by popping your pimple, it will actually cause more acne by spreading bacteria to the rest of your face.

7.    Go To A Dermatologist
If you have done the above and the acne problem is not going anywhere, I strongly suggest that you see a dermatologist. Yes, it is not cheap but it is worth the visit. Trust me, most dermatologists will recommend Accutane or Roaccutane for speedy result. I would say, only take the medicine as the last resort because the side effects can be pretty damaging. You can ask your dermatologist or Google about the side effects if you are contemplating whether to take it.

I hope the above tips help. Stay strong dearie! Acne is not the end of the world. Do share with me on the comment section of your acne experience.

P/s. I do have little breakout during PMS and my pores tend to be larger during PMS as well. It is totally normal, our hormones is one of the main factor contributing to acne problem.

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