7 Things To Consider Before Getting Your Trendy Pastel Hair

We all love pastel coloured hair. It has been a trend since two years ago and it has not been fading away. It has gotten even more popular and it is spreading across to Asia now.  Rainbow coloured hair looks cool and most importantly, it is Instagram worthy. Yes, we do get more likes on Instagram when we have our hair coloured in pastel shades or some bright unnatural colours.

However, is the damage done on both your hair and your wallet really worth it? Some say yes, some say no. I had my ombre lavender/ lilac hair few months back and received lots of queries about it from my friends and I thought I should share my experience here.

1. It Does Damage Your Hair, Very Badly Damaged
No matter how your hairdresser assures you that it will be all right, it won’t be. For me, my hairdresser did pre-empt me about the damage and that’s the price to pay for a pretty pastel hair. The main damage is from the bleach. For Asian with natural black hair like me, the bleaching process is a must to get the best pastel colour out of it. I had two bleaching done before getting the result suitable for the chemical but I have to go back one month later for three more bleaching done to get the best result. So yes, it is very damaging.

2. It Damages Your Wallet Too
You always want to get a total bleach of your hair for the pastel colour chemical to work its best on your hair and produce the most accurate shade of the colour that you want. As mentioned above, I did a total of five sessions of bleaching. The bleach that my hairdresser used was from Japan and hence I didn’t really feel the stinging sensation on my scalp during the bleaching process. And for this, there is a price to pay for especially if you have hair like mine that needs a few rounds of bleaching. Not to forget a treatment is always needed after this extreme bleaching and again, it hurts your wallet even more.

3. You Might Get Dandruff
The numerous bleaching done on your hair might cause dandruff. Bleaching makes your scalp dry and dry scalp is one of the reasons that cause dandruff. For a person with mild eczema like me, dandruff is inevitable.

4. How Long Does It Last?
Two weeks. Nuff said.

5. You Will Be At The Center Of Attention
Trust me, you will be. My lilac hair made my boyfriend uncomfortable whenever people stared at my lilac hair. At times, I do feel uneasy from the stare but the bright side is people remember you. Your photo on Instagram and Facebook got more likes and comments than before.

6. You Will Get A Gold Star If You Work In The Creative Industry
On the first day at work, people in my office were shocked to see my lilac hair but they loved it, especially my bosses, who gave me a thumb up for my bravery to create a self-branding of creativity in me. I felt like my creativity net worth has instantly increased.

7. Do I Think All The Damage Done Worth A Nice Pastel Hair of Two Weeks? 
Yes! To me, it is a once in a lifetime experience. Whether I will do it again? I am not sure if I can bear with the damage on my hair for a second time and the effort taken to restore a healthy hair.

Just an advice to everyone who are thinking to give it a try, please go ahead if you are ready. They say age doesn’t matter but wouldn’t it be nice if you do it when you are young? It’s always good to be adventurous before starting your career path that requires a professional image.

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