The Secret Of The Effortless Homie Goddess Look


Planning to have a relaxing weekend at home with your love one or hanging out with some friends at home for a day? Yes, we do not want to give up on looking effortlessly gorgeous on days like this. Now, let me list down what you can do to have a fresh and natural looking makeup, like you are not wearing makeup at all, and which is smudged proof so you can still look fresh and gorgeous after lazing around the whole day.

1. Revlon Colourstay Concealer

Put away your foundation, you don’t want to have heavy foundation on for a natural look but you do need something to cover your flaws. I pick this concealer because it is long lasting and it did a very good cover up job. Choose the colour that most suits your skin colour for a better result. Try not to apply the concealer all over your face like how you usually apply your foundation but merely dap on the spots that need coverage such as the dark circle under the eyes. This will make your makeup looks a lot lighter and natural.

2. Dollywink Eyeliner (brown)

Dollywink has always been my favourite eyeliner as it doesn’t smear easily. Although it is not waterproof, it doesn’t smear after a nap or even a sweaty jog. You need something like this to avoid looking like a panda after a nap or a cozy Netflix session. Choose the brown liner since it is lighter than a black liner and creates a natural effortless look.

3. BCL Lash Curler Mascara

By far this is my all time favourite mascara. The wonders of this mascara are its long lasting and smudge proof effect unless you rub your eyes. Oh yeah baby, you don’t have to worry about the horrible gothic eyes after a few hours. This mascara also does not clump your lashes together and it gives your eyes a natural long lashes.

4. Benefits Dandelion Blusher

This blusher is light. I don’t really like to use it on normal days but it does give you a glow when applying on a casual natural makeup. It is perfect to create a healthy pink cheeks on pale skin and people can’t tell if you have your blusher on.

5. Baby Powder

I love using baby powder as a base to set my makeup rather than a tinted loose powder. The reason being, you don’t want to dirty your pillowcase after a nap. Tinted loose powder can easily tint but translucent baby powder won’t. So your love one can’t even tell if your face powder has tinted his pristine white shirt.

6. L’oreal Paris Tint Caresse Lip Tint

To create a natural ombre effect on your lips, this is the product to go for. The unique colour it has is not as bright as lipsticks, and yet it has a matte! Glossy lips can never give a natural look. To look like you have naturally moist pinkish lips, always go for a matte finish lip product.

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