4 weapons to defeat poor digestion

November 03, 2017

Constipation is a common problem for modern adults especially the busiest ones. Most of the time constipation occurs when we are not having a balance die or a low fiber diet. I have heard hundreds of ways to relieve constipation but most of them doesn't work on me.

I have been having a serious constipation problem since I was a child without knowing how serious it actually would be. When I aged, I started to feel discomfort towards constipation and decided to go for a physician for help but it was rather fruitless. The stool softer given did not work on me.

Over the years, I have finally came out with a short list that works on me and hopefully on you too. Below are the food I found that it actually works as a bowel cleansing agents. This is not a long list but these are the food that is tested and worked on me.

1. Dragon Fruit
This is a common fruit can be easy found in Asia. It has a high level of fiber content which helps to clear up your stomach.

2. Ripe Papaya
Papaya is a best natural source of Vitamin C which helps to soften stool.

3. Miso Soup with Wakame
Fermented miso helps to develop intestinal flora and it contain lots of beneficial bacterial.

4. Prune Juice
Prune itself, doesn't work on me but the juice does. However, because I don't like the taste of prunes and it contain high amount of sugar thus, I put this as the last option.

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