5 Ways to Achieve Happy Skin

November 27, 2017


Being happy is always a choice. Well, at least that what I believe in. What will happen if you constantly being unhappy or less happy? The obvious answer is depression but before you even close to depression, you will be extremely stressed out.

What will most likely happened to your skin if you are stressed out?

1. Acne Breakout
A serious acne breakout will be cause by a few reasons such as irregular period, irregular sleeps or by a kind of hormones named cortisol (which affect the glands in your skin to produce oil).

2. Wrinkles
Often frowning. We frown when we feel stress and disturbed, which a common reaction. We get wrinkles from from frowning.

3.Horrible Eye bags
We tend to have sleeping difficulties when we are stress because we have too many to think of.

However, it is very common of to be stressed out. Remember the text from your boss that ruined your Friday dinner? Remember the day when your client start insisting things you cannot commit? With all the technology we have with us everyday, it might have make things much more convenient but perhaps it also make us busier and restless.

Here are some ways on how to tone all the negativity down:

1. Don’t be a toxic person and stay away from toxic people.
Admit it, most of the toxic people are from work. They pulled you down at the day and you bring the negativity home. I am not going to lie, office bullying is common and no one ever tries to stop it. I strongly recommend you to stand up on office bullying but if you aren’t ready, stay away from those people.

2. Enjoy your ‘me’ time
Enjoy being alone. Is okay to be alone once in awhile, you don’t need anyone to be with you all the time. When you are too dependent on others accompany you will realised their emotion affects yours.

3. Stop complaining and start working
Do not be jealous over other people’s fortune. This is a big no… no! You will get there or even better if you stop complaining and start working. Do not blame anyone when shit hits the fan, think of a solution, solved it and move on.

4. Believe that you are good and you can be better
Believe that you are good now and you would like to have a better life is very different with dissatisfaction of life. Be happy if you have a full meal, a place to stay, a job and friends and family. However, this doesn’t mean you should stop working harder because you are happy, you can work harder for a better life but whatever adds on is actually a bonus.

5. Never stop believing

You can do it you just have to believe in yourself with no doubt and work on whatever you want. Yes, you can.

With Lots of Love,

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