November 03, 2017

CULTIVATE IT. A woman walks into a beauty parlour and orders "One healthy looking skin please. And this time please give me the peachy mode"...
Nope! That is never going to happen. At least not for this lifetime.

Mature beauty is not something you can simply acquire off the shelves or humoring yourself with some instant urban mythical beauty remedies. And if you are really thinking to trust any of those “godlike” alleged results from steep priced fancy bottles that can wade you through the instant beauty journey, I suggest that you think about it and read the small prints which states “results may differ for different skins” or wordings of this kind in all sorts of creative manner.

Mature beauty is like an art of life, a series of brush strokes that paint the beauty. Mature beauty is simply the result of lifetime cultivation that blossoms from “beauty routines” and “daily lifestyle”. Aside from plastic surgery (which is not the topic for today and I do not wish to go there), there is no shortcuts to it.

Well, it's never too late to start but of course, the earlier the better and don't worry, it is not hard to start the journey.

DO NOT BE AFRAID OF WRINKLES. Wrinkles…oh yes…they do tell story, so do creases in our hands. Wrinkles and creases are part of life. If you do not have them or expecting ways to remove them, you are on the wrong page!

Wrinkles and creases are facts of life. You adore it and not resent it. This little article here does not provide advice on how to compete with the young damsel next to you.  Most importantly, you learn to control it and not letting it control you. You do not need outrageous surgeries or chemical injections to suppress your natural beauty. All you need is consistency in skin maintenance and that is the very gold platted diamond encrusted key to your natural beauty. Natural beauty is a genuine self-assurance. Embrace your look. There is nothing more attractive than being comfortable in your own skin.

GIVE YOUR SKIN PLENTY OF LIQUID. Liquid is very important to your skin. And by that, I do not mean the Sauvignon or Merlot on your dining table. I'm referring to the pure white tasteless liquid, H20. Regular and plentiful water consumption can improve the colour and texture of your skin which is essential to build new cells and circulate nutrients to your skin and body.

Here's a tip. Try drinking a glass of warm water everyday first thing in the morning. Besides detoxifying your organs, that helps boost metabolism hence aiding weight loss and a lot of other benefits which I've insufficient room to write here (please google it to know more). It magically slows down the aging process.  All right, it is not really a magic, it is just the result of improvement on your organs that leads to improving your skin elasticity and quality. But I think it's a magic because you don't pay much for H20.

On the outside, constantly pamper your skin, especially your face with lots of H20. Face mist can be a lot of help especially in hot sunny days and the dreaded humid city blocks.

I must admit, there are more facial masks varieties out there today than shoes in my closet. There are overnight masks, sheet masks, rubber masks, clay masks, peel-off masks, thermal masks, cream masks, warm oil masks just to name a few and they are available in all budget ranges. Hence, facial mask today is no longer an indulgence that you can only have it done in a beauty parlor. It has become an essential part of skin care to every lady, at least for me. Facial mask provides deep nourishment to your face skin. It can be used to detoxify, moisturize and replenish nutrients of your skin. You can have an immediate solution to the daily condition of your skin, tailored to mirror such needs. If you do not have that in your skincare regimen checklist, please do, it's important. Give yourself a facial mask a day and your skin will go through a noticeable transformation.

Now that is another essential part of my life. First of all at this age, we do not gild ourselves to the point resembling a Mardi Gras mascot. Makeups can seriously have adverse effect on women of this age if it is not properly done.

Here's my two cents worth of tip. Use warm tone foundation to give your skin a youthful appearance. Our cheekbones become more apparent as we age, play with it by applying blush along the top of the cheekbones to make them stand out instead of on the apples of your cheeks. Moist your lips with a little bit of gloss for some plumpness. Last but not least, a divine perfume is great in highlighting your enriching midlife

EAT GOOD STUFF and not food that is just palatable. You can be an epicure but be sure to have lots of greens to add to your gastronomy needs. After all, we all need a healthy body to embrace each new candle on our cake, with style and grace.

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