It’s Skin Coloured Mud Mask (Review)

December 20, 2017

As mentioned before I was in Taiwan for the past week and I bought a lot of mask, especially sheet masks home. I was attracted by the packaging design as usual, it looks so clean and calming so I decided to get 2 of each type! 

I was testing out the clay mask and my hubby said he would like to try as well. So both of us had our clay mask on. I am using the Green Mud because Green is my favourite colour and my hubby used the Pink one as he said he needs vitalising (rolled eyes). 

Texture of the Mask 
First we cleansed our face and did a mild scrub to clear the pores. Then we applied the mask. While I was opening the mask, I was a little not used to the texture, it is a lot drier than the usual sheet mask and I thought it was not good for using or whatever. So I did a little of google-ing and realised it is supposed to be this dry and muddy texture and it will dry off. 

Cutting of the Mask 
Steady put it on my hubby face and I told him “Wow, it fits your face perfectly leh, all the eyes and nose cutting!” to be honest I was very surprised. Of course he thought it was a joke and he can’t stop laughing and he was seriously warn that it will create wrinkles, because the mask will dried off. Then I applied mine on. It smells really good anyway. 

The Result 
The result is shockingly amazing! Both of our faces got one tone fairer and I can tell the pores are much more cleaner! This is going to be my new favourite mask for sure!

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